Find out more about St. Luke’s Hospital

St. Luke’s Hospital has been existed since 2000 and since 2011 it is located in the new, modern building on Bystrzańska street. Meanwhile, more than 25 000 surgeries were performed. Its good reputation has been making since the beggining thank to the excellent specialists in orthopaedic, sports medicine, laryngology, plastic surgery, general surgery, vascular and oncological surgery, ophthalmology and more.

Our mission and vision

St. Luke’s Hospital stands out in the medical services market with its modern infrastructure. The staff of the hospital, which is the most valuable asset of the Hospital, is characterized by a holistic approach to humanity in the spirit of Christian ethics.

„Science and Technology in the service of PATIENT” 

For the highest level of service:


The hospital employs the best specialists offering medical services in distinctive diagnostic and treatment conditions.


The hospital cares for the high quality of treatment and well-being of the Patient, following the procedures accredited by the CMJ accreditation standards.


In the process of continuous improvement of the technical qualifications of the staff, the hospital is engaged in the organization of conferences and trainings to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Modern facility

We are constantly developing and investing in new solutions


St. Luke’s Hospital is a modern health care facility. The design assumptions were built on the modern architectural expression, advanced medical technology allowing for the high standard of services.

The building consists of three storeys with an outpatients clinics, hospital beds, operating rooms, an ambulatory and diagnostic part with a rehabilitation team. The upper storey has administrative and office functions. There is also a conference room.

The architectural concept of the building was created thanks to the cooperation of the authors Tomasz M. Konior and Krzysztof Gorgoń et al. (KONIOR STUDIO and GORGOŃ ARCHITECTURAL OFFICE).

Comprehensive treatment

The hospital offers a wide range of medical services.


In more than 24 outpatient clinics, in which highly qualified specialists work, allows professional treatment of patients with almost any problem.

Such a number of specialties guarantee the quality of medical services provided by the hospital and the complementarity of the treatment process.


There is ability to perform a comprehensive diagnostic tests in the range of:

laboratory tests
endoscopic tests
hearing test
snoring and sleep tests (polisomnography)
breast diseases tests


The hospital part of our medical centre includes operating block with 4 modern operating rooms, postoperative room, endoscopic room and treatment offices. The patients hospitalized in the ward have 2- person, comfortable, air- conditioned rooms with bathroom, TV and WiFi. During the stay, twenty- four-hour,a team of doctors and nurses watches over the safety of every patient in the hospital.


St. Luke’s Rehabilitation it is a centre specialises in orthopaedic physiotherapy, fractures, sprains, bruises and other injuries resulting from recreational and competitive sport.


We invite to St. Luke’s Pharmacy!

The multi- speciality outpatient clinics provide a comprehensive service combined with the abbility to carry out a full panel diagnostic tests.

Wide range of outpatient and hospital services is supported by comprehensive diagnostics. The diagnostic facilities of the hospital are: X-ray, ultrasound, audiological and polysomnographic (sleep apnea) diagnostics, endoscopic, diagnostic of breast diseases, laboratory, and magnetic resonance facility (MRI), in which works the first in Poland digital high-resonance Magnetic Resonance Ingenia 3.0 T.

Modern MR scanners allow imaging diagnostics in very high resolution. Progress in this area of imaging opens up a new era of imaging diagnostics. MR examination is performed on head, spine, joint, pelvis, heart, vascular and breast tests. With high-resolution images, you can detect some pathologies that have not been seen before in standard imaging.

Short-term surgical treatment allows for minimally invasive surgical procedures for patients who are clinically eligible for surgery.

Hospitalization is provided by experienced team of doctors and nurses.

In the building of St. Luke’s Hospital You can also find fully- equipped rehabilitation centre and pharmacy.