Practical information for patients visiting the St. Luke’s Hospital.


During the consultation, the physician performs the examination, reads out additional tests or orders them to be performed. It discusses the details of the planned proceedings. Specialist advice provided on a commercial basis is payable.

It is recommended that vaccinations against hepatitis (Hepatitis B) should be carried out at least six weeks prior to planned surgery before the planned surgery.

After qualifying for surgery, it is necessary to perform the laboratory tests ordered during consultations, complete the anesthetic questionnaire and read the information contained in the documents from the list next to it.

In the case of commercial services, the final date and time of surgery should be confirmed by phone or in person a week before the planned operation.

Before any surgery, anesthesiological consultations must be carried out after ealier registration of the visit. For anesthetic consultation it is necessary to fulfill an anesthesiological survey (the link to download the survey is located next to it).

If the patient does not confirm his presence at the surgery 6 days before the planned operation, the date of the procedure will be canceled.

How to prepare at the day of the surgery?
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Please take with You:

  • medical documentation,
  • documents including personal identification number
  • fulfilled anesthetic questionnaire with laboratory results
  • utensils for personal hygiene and slippers

Please remember that:

  • You should take the medicine You take every day at the usual time with only one sip of clean water unless otherwise directed by your doctor. If You have any doubt, please contact with your anesthetist,
  • chewing gums and drinking fizzy drinks are forbidden

Before the surgery and anesthesia it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:

  • you should not eat or drink for a minimum of 6 hours before surgery to avoid the danger of aspiration of food, you should refrain from smoking as early as possible,
  • it is necessary to provide an adult company on the way home and for 24 hours from the end of the operation at home
  • you can not drive vehicles, operate complicated devices, make important decisions on the day of surgery – after anesthesia
  • in case of any disturbing symptoms, immediately call the anesthetist at the number indicated in the extract.

In case of planned discharge from the Hospital on the day of the surgery, we ask you to provide an adult company on the way home and for 24 hours from the end of the operation at home.

The hospital has a full-time medical and nursing service

Any person living in the UK can seek healthcare abroad and be reimbursed.


Patient living in the United Kingdom has the right to choose a medical service provider in the EEA (European Economic Area) and can lawfully recover the costs from the NHS. This means that any person living in the UK can seek healthcare abroad and be reimbursed.

For several years, medRefund LTD have helped the residents of the United Kingdom to complete all formalities to retrieve money spent on medical services received in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Czech Republic and other countries of the European Union (EU).

If you are waiting for an operation or any other service that is available under the NHS you can exercise your right to have your treatment abroad and we can help you to reimburse the money you have paid from NHS. The reorganisation of the NHS and the tight budget resulted in many patients being refused treatment for conditions considered as non emergency. Some patients are not receiving specialist consultations while others are refused treatment or are made to wait unreasonable long waiting times. You are entitled to NHS paid private treatment abroad. And you can legally “jump” the NHS queue.

In accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom, every person legally residing in this country has the right to choose a medical services provider not only in the UK but in any other EU country as well. When receiving treatment outside the United Kingdom, its residents have the right to retrieve the money spent on healthcare.

The residents of the UK and may get treatment in EU as well, and retrieve funds from their country of residence – in the same amount that the National Health Service (NHS) would pay to healthcare personnel for a specific service in the United Kingdom. In Latvia, the prices of medical services are lower than in the United Kingdom even in private healthcare facilities.

Understanding that it may be complicated to complete all the necessary formalities with no outside help, we inform our patients about the possibility to use the assistance of medRefund LTD. Over a period of years, cooperation between the clinics across Europe and the medRefund LTD has evolved into a fruitful and reliable relationship – patients who have cooperated with medRefund have at least partially regained the money paid for services received abroad if treatment would be available under NHS.

Medrefund LTD is a rapidly growing company, which meet the needs of our clients and will continue to grow and expand the range of services offered. Our best business card is our hard work and commitment and that’s what we have thus achieved. Since 2013 hundreds of satisfied customers have trusted us and we have helped them to recover the costs of medical treatment abroad. Medrefund LTD provides a new and unique service in the medical tourism business. We are able to react quickly and find the right doctor for you and inform you of your right to seek reimbursement of medical services that you accrue abroad and get them refunded. As we say you have a right for private medical treatment abroad paid by NHS.

NHS funded private treatment abroad.
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