Cancer is a huge problem for society. Because of the rapid development of this type of disease, early and appropriately selected diagnostics are of great importance, which allows rapid implementation of treatment. The goal of surgical removal of tumors is to cure or, in some cases, alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Removal of the tumor is of fundamental importance in the further course of cancer treatment. At St. Luke performs the scope of oncological gastrointestinal surgery, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, skin cancer and other cancers that require surgery. Consultation on oncological surgery is provided by Dr. Tadeusz Leśniak.

Oncology Ward offers:

  • skin treatments,
  • cut off multiple dye markers,
  • lump of the lips,
  • mastectomy,
  • nose surgery,
  • single lymph node,
  • thyroid cancer,
  • adenocarcinoma removal,
  • ovarian tumor removal,
  • removing the kernel,
  • adrenal gland removal,
  • removal of the reproductive organs in the tumor,
  • kidney removal,
  • removal of the rectal polyp,
  • removal of parotid gland,
  • removal the grease large.

In each case, the doctor will be qualified for a specific procedure during an outpatient consultation. After qualifying for surgery, the patient has an anesthesia consultation during which the anesthesiologist determines the type of anesthesia and informs the patient about the perioperative details.

Medical Team

General surgery

M.D., Ph.D.

Leśniak Tadeusz
specialist in general and oncological surgery
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